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Soror Dolorosa - Blind Scenes (LP-gold vinyl)

Artikelnummer: SODO002

Deluxe packaging - gold printed, UV-lacquered gatefold cover, heavy cardboard innersleeve, ltd. 345 on gold vinyl, incl. A2 poster on heavy 250g paper

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Soror Dolorosa are without a doubt the new highlight of the French Gothic Scene. They play brilliant 80s-like Gothic Rock with nods to Cold Wave and perhaps a little Alternative Rock. Just imagine something like the best of the 80s classics such as THE CURE, THE SISTERS OF MERCY or FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM and you're on the right track! And yes, that would necessarily be interesting also to fans of AMESOEURS or KATATONIA's "Discouraged Ones" era since both bands were obviously influenced by the aforementioned ones, among others, but most notably THE CURE.

A1 Crystal Lane
A2 Autumn Wounds
A3 Damaged Dreamer
A4 Low End

B1 Soror Dolorosa
B2 Scars Of Crusade
B3 In A Glance
B4 Broken Wings
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