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Miserylab - Documentary 2008/2012 (CD+7")

Artikelnummer: ML001

Double deluxe gatefold CD + Vinyl 7” Limited Edition of 500 copies

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01. What Is The Point
02. Dark Times
03. Making A Bomb
04. Escapes
05. Downplay
06. Drowning
07. Children Of The Poor
08. People
09. Void
10. Last Day
11. Tomorrow For Us
12. Five One One
13. Fear For The Future
14. Say What We Mean
15. Too Big To Fail
16. Preoccupied
17. Low

Vinyl 7 inch:
01. Tomorrow For Us
02. Five One One
03. Say What We Mean
04. Fear For The Future

Miserylab is Porl King's solo project, in the 90's he was the frontman of Rosetta Stone, which was the most famous and succesful goth-rock band of the decade. A purely dark post-punk approach - of large chorussing bass and guitar - up front unmistakable drum
machines and new wave synthesizers ... there's no self-indulgence here - this is about connecting - and
connecting immediately lyrically and melodically .
“Documentary” is a retrospective collection of classic Miserylab material - stemming 2008 to present day. Including some of the earlier, possibly overlooked tracks such as 'Making a Bomb' to the more well known hits and anthems such as 'People', ‘Children of the Poor', 'Fear for the Future', ‘Five one one'… coupled with a 7" single of recently recorded, previously unavailable in hard format singles and rarities.
As with all Miserylab albums there isn't a single second of filler here! As the CD moves chronologically, there is a tangible sense of progression as the tracks become dynamically bigger and stronger - as the consistency of song-writing is maintained from start to finish. Miserylab wears it's heart on it's sleeve - there is no diplomacy or shying away from issues or it's political stance - this is pure anti-capitalism - anti-war - anti-right-wing .. and if you disagree with it - if you challenge it - it will answer you back. There are no apologies given.
Miserylab is on the side of the poor - the voiceless, those who have done right even those who have done Wrong. It will always stand against authority under any circumstances. If this makes you uncomfortable it's meant to - Miserylab is uncomfortable....

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