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Lords Of The New Church - Live From London (DVD)

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One-hour set filmed in 1984 at legendary venue "The Marquee" in London, for the "Live From London" TV series - broadcast internationally in the 80's. This very visual DVD offers complete mayhem for the Lords fan - complete with all the hits from ''Open Your Eyes'' to ''Holy Wars'' via ''Russian Roulette'' and includes a fantastic performance from an obviously very wasted Stiv Bator. This is the first visual document of LOTNC available on DVD in Europe. Since Stiv Bator's death in 1990 the band have tried to re-form, but replacing him proved impossible : this DVD shows why !
Track List:

01. New Church
02. Eat Your Heart Out
03. Livin On Lovin
04. Dance With Me
05. Johnny Too Bad
06. Russian Roulette
07. Bad Timing
08. Live For Today
09. Open Your Eyes
10. Back Girl, White Girl
11. Partner In Crime
12. Going Down Town
13. You Really Got Me
14. Little Boys Play With Dolls
15. Holy War
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