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Tragic Black - The Decadent Requiem (CD)

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Progressive Deathrock from Salt Lake City.

TRAGIC BLACK are amongst the most active and dedicated modern Deathrock bands on Terra Prime. After various self-released CDs, numerous compilation appearences (as for example on our own NEW DARK AGE volumes 1 and 3) as well as countless concerts all over the USA the band around frontman vISION & keyboardist Vyle have gone through astounding changes and have developped their own successful style somewhere between Deathrock, Street- & Horrorpunk, and Darkwave.

While their early works carried on the more goth-like tradition of influential bands such as CINEMA STRANGE and SEX GANG CHILDREN, which they bring to perfection in their spectacular new smashers such as "Incinerate" or "Mad Hatter", their up-tempo stompers such as "Surreal Catharsis","Suburbian Dystopia" or "Parasitism" impressively demonstrate the pogo-compatible powerside of TRAGIC BLACK. Moreover, they show their talent for modern dark-electro dancefloor fodder with songs like "Circuit 3", featuring aggressively distorted vocals and powerful thundering sequencer attacs.

All in all a diverse and exciting, eclectical mixture of both traditional and modern elements without blinkers or fear of close contact with what music can offer.


01. In-toxic-Nation (The Doom Generation)
02. Circuit 3
03. Surreal Catharsis
04. Suburbian Dystopia
05. Incinerate
06. Mad Hatter
07. Lost Time
08. Fading Echoes
09. Faith In Decay
10. Elegy
11. Smeared Eyes
12. The Decadent Requiem (The Awakening)
13. Parasitism
14. Holding Hands

+ 3 video clips
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