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Secular Plague - Secular Plague (CD)

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Back in 2006, French Deathrock band Sleeping Children disbanded. Guitarist Lois continued his
work with Deadchovsky, singer Romeo joined Wallenberg. Bass player and songwriter Saphire
took a long break from the whole music scene, focusing on his other numerous interests.
After 6 years, Saphire started to write songs again. In January 2012, he decided to create a new
music project called Secular Plague.
Only four months after giving life to Sec P, Saphire started to record 12 songs all alone,
singing and playing all instruments, following a strict “Do It Yourself” ethic. Secular Plague first,
unnamed album was released on May 17, 2012 on both Flehmen Records (CD) and Zorch
Factory Records (Free download).
This first album is a raw and minimalist mix between angry hardcore punk and furious
deathrock, with lyrics focusing on topics such as animal rights, social issues, and how the
system works (or, well, pretends to).
Pure hardcore punk anger. Intense deathrock sound. This is Secular Plague.

01. Brainwashed By Medias
02. Heal Me
03. Gourmet Cruelty
04. Violent Wolrd
05. Paranoja
06. Can't Stand The World
07. Police Predjudices
08. Based On A Nonsense
09. The One To Blame
10. The Breath Of Eternity
11. School Propaganda
12. The Endless Fight


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